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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY IN JAPAN/ Japanese mom morning routine/ women closer to 40's to stay healthy

What I eat in a day in Japan! As Japanese mom closer to 40's, I value health more than ever! Let me show you everything from waking up to finishing dinner!

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Recipe mentioned in video
-kinpira ( きんぴら)
-cabbage and carrot sweet and sour pickle (キャベツの甘酢漬け)
-tofu scrumble(豆腐の五目煮)
→On my vegan E-cookbook ( https://www.shinagawa-japanese-cooking.com/e-book )

-Miso soup
-Miso soup ( vegan)
-Nori egg omelette


▶JAPANANESE POTTERIES (beautiful plates \u0026 cups \u0026 bowls\u0026 chopsticks )
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☆Here is what I have and love
1; Rice bowl with the blue flower↓

2; Miso soup bowl

3; Chopsticks

4; Chopstick rest ( origami crane shape)

▶JAPANESE FOOD ESSENSIALS (for those who love love Japanese cooking!)



▶JAPANESE KNIFE ( very sharp and good quality!)

▶▶Amazon shopping
Koji (Rice malt): https://amzn.to/3e3plps
Red beans ; https://amzn.to/3gjq3A4
Soy sauce: https://amzn.to/3yWp6F5
Mirin: https://amzn.to/3k3VYas
Miso (yellow): https://amzn.to/3yJBMPe
Kombu Dashi Powder: https://amzn.to/3AO0fVy
Dashi Packet: https://amzn.to/3e5hxUh

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Miwa's Japanese Cooking : What's your routine to keep yourself happy?☺ Please stay in the loop for our upcoming big announcement! ^^ you can find all the information including recipes on my website^^ thank you for your support!! https://www.shinagawa-japanese-cooking.com/
Ares : Hi Miwa ! I m sorry your little one is acting out and giving you a hard time , but you are still a great mum , i can tell ! how you still can cook when it´s that hot outside is incredible , maybe you could share some easy to do summer recipes to cool off ?
Commentary Talk : Your course sounds very practical. When my Summer holidays start I will look into it. Imho, Nutrition and Meal Prep seem the most practical components (well along with budget) to go alongside taste and enjoyment!

You make such good efforts in the meal presentation with the beautiful bowls that the children can enjoy eating from as well as sitting down together and socializing while eating. I think that habit/routine is so important also for families and to maintain those good standards of eating from a set table: I just love the way the food is presented, it makes such a big enhancement to every meal.

In my culture the saying is "the family that prays together stays together": It could be true of eating together helps everyone bond positively too. Sadly both setting a table and saying a small phrase of gratitude, are underestimated today in my nation with respect to the beneficial effects for families they deliver. You say “Itadakimasu” in Japanese? It is a really good concept.
Imperfect Vegan : I am impressed by the diversity of vegetables you serve your family each day! So delicious and good for the gut microbiome! You do such a great job of balancing your work and family life. I wish you great success with your online cooking course!
Janet Tanaka : Hi Miwa-San….thank you for sharing your day with us. Your boys are growing so fast! I remember those busy and tiring days lol. I have 3 kids but they’re all adults now. I used to run around dropping off and picking up from pre-school and elementary school and at one point my kids were in 3 different schools. But those days passed so quickly and now I’m an empty nester. I’m very pleased to see that you take some time daily, when you can fit it in, to take care of yourself. I was guilty of not taking time for myself during those busy years. You are a wonderful role model for us to remember to eat healthy as best we can and to exercise our body and mind. Enjoy this time with your sons. I vividly remember walking hand in hand with my son to kindergarten and thinking to myself the day will come when he won’t want to hold hands. And that day eventually did come and I had mixed feelings of sadness but at the same time realizing he’s growing up. So yes, these times are precious. Kio tsukete

Japan vs. Serbia - FIVB Volleyball Nations League - Women - Match Highlights, 02/07/2022

Watch the Match Highlights from Japan vs. Serbia - FIVB Volleyball Nations League - Women, 02/07/2022
Tantan Trinidad : Some fans saying it's Japan's tactic to lose intentionally. Absurd. They didn't play well as they wanted and Serbia was just stronger—as simple as that. Stop being fans who always have to make up excuses for Japan's loss. Be gracious like them.
Ana : Parabéns pela vitória Sérvia, respeito a seleção japonesa! ❤️
Jesus Castellanos : Que gran partido espectacular, la defensa de Japón es asombrosa
bos ko : good game serbia!! very good game. if you look at the statistic, its amazing how they dominate japan in this game. after knowing that lozo and drca is not playing for this week, i thought serbia will only win one match. turns out they only loss one match this week. overall, they won all the match and only loss to the teams that ranks higher than them, except thailand (in this thai games, the opp was zelenovic, a 17yo player so its okay). they also beat turkey and japan, who ranked higher than them. mirkovic, i rarely praise you, but you play better in this week. lazovic, top scorer of this match, will definitely play as starter in wch2022 and i always believe that she is the one who can help boskovic in scoring. mirosalvjevic, an outside hitter but today she is playing as opposite, young player, already have a potential to become the best. aleksic and stevanovic, we can see they are getting better in attacking. pusic, saves many balls with her dig. and busa, the most disappointed player last year and last week in vnl. in this week she is playing great, and im so impressed with how she plays. good defense. what can i say, busa is better than milenkovic. i think its good to bring busa to wch because she can play defense. i hope they can maintain their perfomance like this.
also, i admit that santarelli is a good coach. he proved that serbia can play without maja and boskovic.

this is my roaster for wch22. maja drca boskovic bjelica stevanovic aleksic kocic popovic lazovic lozo busa mirosalvjevic/mihajlovic pusic sanja
Gigantes do esporte : A seleção sérvia defendeu muito. Volume de jogo incrível das sérvias. Lazović e Aleksić, impecáveis.

한국 대사관 앞에 쫙 깔린 일본 20대 여성들의 행동에 생방송 진행하던 일본 기자가 기겁한 이유

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Track : Party Tonight
Music by 브금대통령
Music provided by 브금대통령
Watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tiq9aYe0v5I
한우물 : 각 국 대사관 직원들 대단하고 고생들이 많아요. 남의 나라 꼬봉밑에 말못하는 설움 다 감추고 비위 맞춰가며
순간 때려치우고 싶을때 많겠지만 그래도 엘리트분들 그대들이
묵묵히 민원처리 해주시고 비자처리 해주시니 편안히 각나라 여행 자유롭고 편안하게 다닙니다. 이참에 대사관 직원들에게 근무환경및 시스템 개선 좀 부탁드립니다!!
이기홍 : 기분 좋은 소식 신기 하기도 하고
정치인들만 빠지면 국민들은
서로 좋은 관계 속에서 너무
좋은 이웃 나라가 될텐데
이만배 : 한국사람 일본 입국 하려면
나이.성별. 근무처. 주소. 부모님 주소. 부모님직업. 외. 등등. 거의 취조 수준의 신상명세 기록 하는데 우리 대사관에서도 꼭 그렇게 해주시길 바랍니다. 상호주의원칙에 따라서
김성 : 한국 남자들이 최하 키가 178cm 이상에ᆢ
매너가 너무 너무 좋아요ᆢ영어는기본 이고요?
일본 아씨들은 영어 잘하면 부러워해요!
한국에 미남이 넘친다!
행성여행 : 대부분 여자들이 한국을 좋아한다
이유를 생각해보면
그래도 한국이 여자들을 대하는게
일본보다 조금 더 나은것 때문아닐까




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