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2014 Audi A7 TDI Review - MPG Road Test (with 0-60 MPH)

A week with the 2014 Audi A7 TDI - King of the Fuel Efficient AWDs.

Of the hundreds of cars I've tested over the past seven years, the A7 TDI is one of my all time favorites ... big, fast, luxurious, and remarkably fuel efficient.

It's never been more clear that clean diesel is the way to go for all-wheel-drive vehicles.
Alberto Benelli : Sir , you definitely have a great and very personal style for reviewing cars, and love your thorough way of analyzing and testing the real world mpg of cars . Great work .
Trades46 : I personally love the Audi A7; I think it's their best looking 4dr car by far.
And with Quattro AWD (Canadian winters are scary) 400+lb/ft torque & fuel economy that would make an Accord blush, it's the absolute perfect car.

Now if it wasn't so freaking expensive...
pedrof830 : Dan, great to see you back doing what you love to do!
Qiqe : Maintaining inertia is key on heavy cars. I drive my 730d more or less the same way and I'm averaging 40mpg.
gene978 : Hey Dan, GREAT VIDEO! At least you got to ENJOY the Car for a while. We had to WATCH IN ENVY! lol. Nice to see REAL WORLD MPG. Hey the Base Gas model according to Edmunds sells for $62K. I know, I know that's 2 loaded Accords. Maybe we can buy one a few years old for cheap Dan. Say $40K?

Car Tech - 2014 Audi A7 TDI

Audi's smashing A7 wears a diesel -- but does it make any sense?
Lars Dennert : Thanks for this review! I opted for the A7 gas'er and also passed on the lane departure assist. The SC'd model also has a bit of off idle lag and then over kicks in but it's a wonderful car.
cky945able : Honestly, cnet is lucky to have someone like cooley onboard.
Matt Delmonico : The torque is outstanding, hp is rather low considering it's got a turbo however it is a diesel, torque makes a car in my opinion, however I would buy this in a gas model because for 70-80k you shouldn't sound like your driving a tricked out tractor, all in all another great car audi the mpg must be staggering (I own a manual 2013 TDI passat, I know it's not the same brand but I absolutely adore the car, it's fun to drive, and 46mpg highway)
Robert Duval : What I like the most about Cooley is his simplicity. He does his job quick and efficiently.
Jonathon M : i really wonder what kind of fuel economy luxury cars would get if the brands weren't "required" by automotive publications to perform at such a high level. if this car can get 38 mpg on the highway and hit 60 in 5.5 seconds, just think how efficient it would be if it got there in 7 or 7.5 seconds. still reasonably quick for 90% of driving conditions (still quicker than most base 4 cylinder family sedans that people love in this country) and may see mid-40's EPA highway estimates. 

another problem, as with conventional gasoline non-hybrid vehicles, is that the EPA cycles need to be updated. VW's diesels don't hit their most efficient cruising speed until 65 mph. same goes with alot of gasoline engines, which in independent testing are beating their highway figures when driven at 65 mph instead of 48 like in the EPA test.

Semi-autonomous drive impressions in an Audi A7 TDI

Ars Technica's Jonathan Gitlin drove an Audi A7 TDI 800 miles between Washington, DC and Columbus, OH, utilizing its semi-autonomous drive system.\r
Read the article: http://arstechnica.com/cars/2016/05/from-audi-to-volvo-most-self-driving-cars-use-the-same-hardware/\r

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Semi-autonomous drive impressions in an Audi A7 TDI
Derek Thomson : Where's the content?




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