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How to use XH-M603 Battery Charger Controller - Lead Acid only, not Lithium

In this video we learn about the module, components, wiring, how to set it, how to charger the battery and how to reset it to factory default of XH-M603 which is sold also as HW-632.

Download Arduino code for this video: http://robojax.com/L/?id=267

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Jump to different section of video by clicking on the time:
00:00 Start
00:26 Introduction
01:22 HX-W603 Explained
05:53 Settings of the module
09:41 Setting factory defaults
10:40 Demonstration of charging a battery
15:08 Calculating Charging Time

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Tutorial by Ahmad Shamshiri form Canada
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geoffrey leonard cohen : Thanks for a very comprehensive description of this unit. I measured that the unit is taking about 70mA from the battery when its not turning charge on. I would like to reduce this by turning off the display when everything has been set up. Do you know of any way either in software or hardware to do this ?
Shanaka A : Great video and really love your content. Is there any reason this module cant be used to control lithium batteries (18650s)?
Sven Bleckwedel : Hi. Tks for sharing this valuable info, about this product. What I wanted to know is if it would be possible to use battery power during the recharging period ((imagining that this could increase the reload time, of course)...
MrBpoyraz : First of all thank you for such a nice video. Is it possible to use a common socket for both charging and use? Just like a wireless hand drill. How to make a circuit.
Jamal Sarwar : Now this is called TRUE Review explained with outstanding knowledge

Automatic Cut OFF/ON Battery Charger Controller | XH-M603 DC 12-24V Battery Charger | POWER GEN

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This video shows the XH-M603 Automatic Cut OFF/ON 12-24V battery Charging Controller Module using 12v Lead-acid Battery Charger Control Switch Protection Board With LED Display Automatic ON/OFF Real-Time Voltage Monitor

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Satheesh Babu B : Can this module take input of 20V from laptop charger and charge a Lead Acid 12v battery without any problem? I am worried because the laptop charger output 20v but battery is a 12v battery. Start charge volt i am setting in the module is 11.5 and cutoff voltage i set is 14V.
veer salaria : Hello ... can we make a cut off also which gives power output only when the desired voltage is available from solar panel and if it goes below the reqd voltage it cuts off the supply to the appliance??
Gustavo Vinícius : hello! Good afternoon. How much is the minimum voltage I can configure on the inferior limit? Thank you for the video
KOALA GANGSTA : Hello sir. Can I know how long this controller can handle from continously input current?
Ariel Ando : is this suitable for 100 or 200ah battery Sir?

XH-M603 Charge controller 11.5V-24V

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Here's a link to a good SOURCE: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/Dnr8nOwc

This little charge controller allows you to control the charge state of your batteries. Great for solar or lithIum batteries.
Hans de Groot : The low voltage setting is the voltage it starts charging. the high one is when it stops charging. That is all it does. Added a watt meter for fun and an undervolt protector to cut of the load when getting below 10.6 but those 3 items ( XH-M603, watt meter and undervolt) draw too much from my 6 (very bad 800 mah) 18650's in 3s2p to make it though the night with out any load!
jimthvac100 : I am assuming the circuit can function even when the battery voltage is very low by boosting the batter voltage to what ever the circuit needs to function. and it only opens and closes the relay as needed to charge the battery. Any idea what the maximum charge current this can handle? I also assume it is going to be limited by the size of the traces on the board?
Dr Chan : Very good video sir thanks for showing, now i will try set mine up-- 10/10
Brij b : There is a relay which starts and stops the charging through a relay. The controller lets select these both limiits. Charging current limit need to be taken care y the source. Solar charging might the best application for this board.
Ric777888 : What if your solar panels have solar charge controllers on them and the solar generator has a solar charge controller on it would that be a bad thing? Is it better if the solar panel have a charge controller on itself then feed a regular charge controller. Or once the solar panel sends voltage from the panel controller it can go directly to battery without any worries?




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