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℗ 2016 OOO Universal Music, exclusively licensed from Hella Hillz

Released on: 2016-08-24

Associated Performer, Vocals: JEEMBO
Associated Performer, Vocals: TVETH
Associated Performer, Vocals: PHARAOH
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer, Producer: stereoRYZE
Author: JEEMBO
Author: TVETH
Composer: stereoRYZE

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Melting Thrift Store Jewelry Into New Jewelry

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HELLO FRIENDS!! So, this week we're taking on something a bit different -- jewelry casting! As something of a melting fiend, YouTube has recommended me a few different videos about metal casting over the past few months -- and I found myself with a big NEED for FLAME. So, we picked up a bunch of jewelry from the thrift store, and then melted it down into molten metal, cast it into organic shapes with water \u0026 frozen peas, and then fashioned our castings into wearable jewelry pieces. What do you guys think of my ~collection~?

A big thank you to Sarah Tector, Suijin Li, and the NC State Crafts Center for all of their help!

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You can check out Suijin Li here:

You can check out the NC State Crafts Center here:

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Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Madi Price
Hannah Bruce
Jordan Schneier

GFX by Dayana Espinoza
Safiya Nygaard : HELLO FRIENDS!! and welcome to another episode of "what can i melt next" -- i hope you all enjoy this video, in which the melting becomes much more high stakes, lol. which of our new jewelry pieces was your favorite?? xoxo, saf
호주사라 HojuSara : If you asked me 27 minutes and 32 seconds ago if I thought green pea jewellery would be up my ally I would have had a very different answer to now. Those pieces turned out amazing! The finished pieces reminded me of coral at the beach. I loved the water drop studs too! So cute and dainty!
risk : The water drop ring looks like an oyster shell to me. Two little black pearls, one in the large cup and one in the little cup. That's where my mind was.
DollyAnna : The sweet man and woman going "They're looking for silver, and they're on a roll" and "Alright!" sound so encouraging and adorable. If I could fit them in my purse and take them home with me, I would.
acilecxknip : As someone who thrifts a lot, it's honestly so cool to see that jewelry get the glow up it deserves.

[Full Ver.] 절친 콘서트 쥬얼리 - One More Time #엄마는아이돌 EP.6

티빙에서 스트리밍 :

'우리 모두, 엄마이기 전에 '스타'였다!
{엄마는 아이돌} 매주 (금) PM 8:40 tvN

#가희 #박정아 #선예 #별 #현쥬니 #양은지 #엄마는아이돌

이대훈 : 댄서 분들도 그때 그 댄서 분들인가요 의리 개감동이다 진짜... 다들 무대하면서 넘 행복해해....
adela : 쥬얼리 관리 엄청나네 현역때보다 더 이쁘고 어려보여 무대 넘 감탄할정도로 잘한다 더 대단한거 현역때 쌩라이브도 개잘하는 그룹이였다는거
h s : 뭐야? 현역때 그대로잖아?....서인영 무대하는 표정보는데 왜 기분이 내가 좋지ㅠ..다들 진짜 무대에서 빛이 나요...이 안정감 드는 조합..목소리톤도 다 합이 멋짐
yh Y : 언니들은 모두 그대로인데 안무 아자씨들이 진짜 아자씨들 됐네 ㅋㅋ
하늘소녀 : 그룹명의 정의를 이제야 알겠다. 쥬얼리는 진짜 보석같이 변함이 없네. 어쩜 관리를 저렇게 잘한건지 현역같다. 라이브 흔들림도 없고 가창력 미쳤고..요즘 저렇게 쥬얼리 같은 완성형 걸그룹도 또 없지.




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