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Redoing My Entire Graphic Design Portfolio

wowzers at long last I updated my portfolio, sit back and relax for this long boi! ~
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also thank you EVERYONE for 250k! :))))))
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ig/sc: @kel.lauren
t: @keldotlauren
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ig: @gaptxxth
Shot on Canon 77D, 18-55mm lens
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro by Matty
Music by gaptooth
Biz inquries:
shuppyloops : Wow.. Congratulations on your new logo! I really enjoyed this video! New subscriber right now xD
Jody S. : Wow - a 44 minute ad for squarespace! Nice job!!
Marcie McCabe : Love it! I use Square space too! I don’t consider myself too deep in the woods on being a web designer— glad to see this!
Personal Account : I just discovered the channel with this video and I saw the whole vid, subbed!
Ludwin Pasos : Hi, i just found your channel and found it really helpfull, i'm just about to finish my carreer and want to create my portfolio as quick as possible but still need to do bunch of works to add to it. I'll keep an eye for any suggestions and advices. Thank you so much.

Beginning Graphic Design: Fundamentals

In this video, you’ll learn the fundamentals of graphic design. Visit for our text-based lesson.

This video includes information on the main elements of art and design, including:
• Line
• Shape
• Form
• Texture
• Balance
• The rule of thirds

We hope you enjoy!
John Daramola : Wow... Learning made super easy and interesting. This is great content!
GriseldaJudit : I appreciate this video so much.
yashika shah : Hi what softwares/tools did you use to make this video? And how much time it took to create it?
Yoni Lorenzo : i watched the whole video. does that mean i have a graphics design degree??
Fatima Abubakar : Please suggest apps for graphic designs for me ☺

Graphic Design Trends 2020

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Want to know what graphic design trends to look out for in 2020? In this trend roundup, we profile 10 trends for this year. Take a look!


0:19 - 90s Revival

90's DJ Flyer by Guuver\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

1:00 - Acid Trip

Acid and Modern Intro by nixmotion_v2\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

1:28 - Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk - 80s Retro Text Effects by Sko4\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

2:00 - Earthy Colors

Artisan Abstract Shapes \u0026 Line Art by august10\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

2:44 - Monochrome

White Marble Backgrounds by themefire\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

3:20 - Street Art

Metal stone social media graphic templates by Chanut_industries\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

4:00 - Brutalism

Prospekt Typeface by MehmetRehaTugcu\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

4:33 - Sketch Illustrations

Essential Hand Drawn Brushes by pixelbuddha_graphic\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

Pencil Sketch by miph\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

5:21 - Collages


Lomography Typography Poster Photoshop Action by bangingjoints\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

6:05 - Variable Fonts

Manufaktur by dafeld\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

With a subscription to Envato Elements, you'll have access to a suite of over a million downloadable digital creative assets. From stock graphics and graphic design templates to multimedia assets like stock footage, royalty-free music and sound effects and much, much more. Check out which plan is right for you:\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

The Rock Bible by LoopsLab\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description

6 Transitions Pack With Opener by CGKOO\u0026utm_campaign=elements_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo\u0026utm_medium=social\u0026utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_content=description
Envato : 0:19 - 90s Revival
1:00 - Acid Trip
1:28 - Cyberpunk
2:00 - Earthy Colors
2:44 - Monochrome
3:20 - Street Art
4:00 - Brutalism
4:33 - Sketch Illustrations
5:21 - Collages
6:05 - Variable Fonts
Bandula Wijesiri : Thanks for your information.
ART BY EVANGELOS : Great channel thank you for sharing new friend here let’s stay connected ✍❤️
Skopinfilm : Thank you so much ! This is a breath of fresh air! It is a landmark and a lighthouse in the ocean! Please make a more detailed video for each direction, it's very interesting!
Kai Z : Is it just me, or do the "90s" designs look much more 80s?




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