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That's Why You Should NOT Wear "Superdry" in Japan!!!!

Hi guys I reveal facts of Superdry in this video!
Do you know there is no Superdry branch in Japan?

My English is not that good but I am trying :)
Sorry in advance for my mistakes‍♀️

If you have any question, feel free to ask me down below✌️

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Koray Erten : This is exactly like non-English speaking countries using random English words on clothes because they think it looks nice
Ralsei Dreemurr : Just to clear things up a bit SuperDry has done this with 100% intent to make it odd on purpose. The makers of the brand claimed that its a common case of non English speaking countries that would often wear clothes with English words that dont make sense. So they have done the same thing using their languages in this case Japanese only to confuse the other cultures
BeepBoop • : I've worked in the company for about three years now and yep we know actually our old logo had Japanese in it that didn't actually make sense so we got that fixed. The brand is Japanese AND American inspired so that's probably why translation is off, I think the designers were Purley going for aesthetic. But I promise the new seasonal stuff makes more sense! :D
Alex Frank : お久しぶり :D
Your verbal skill really improved! Great work!

I think 自動車 is just what "automobile" translate to when they google it. So maybe they wanted to say "race car," and instead they went with "high speed automobile" because Google translate "race car" to katakana, and they wanted kanji for the oriental appropriation, so 高速自動車 it is. lol
Christoffer : It’s funny. It’s similar to how you can buy clothing in Japan with non sensical English sentences.


Whatever your style, we’ve got a jacket to get you through the season.






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