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COACH JES Crossbody Mahogany Brown Black | Detailed Bag Review Coach JES | How to check authenticity

Hey friends!

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Here's a detailed bag review of Coach JES Crossbody Bag with authenticity tips.

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Warm Nights by Lakey Inspired

pheebeindo : Hi there, can you kindly inform how is the bag now after a year of use, especially the smooth leather part? Is it easily scratched? I am tempting between this style and the black pebbled leather one.. thanks so much
Ms Hunni : I purchased the same bag yesterday it’s beautiful
Fine Life PH : Thank you for this thorough review! I would like to know how long the strap is if it will put in the last hole? In inches?
ManangMJ Tv : Ang ganda po ng bag at may balak din po akong bumili nito pero d ko alam kung authentic o fake mabuti nalang napanood ko video mo ma'am. Malaking tulong po ito Thank you and God bless
Yoshea Lux : Oh wow! Loving the monogram dark canvas! Love the camera bags coach has. Actually their bags are amazing. Great piece

Royal Blue Mahogany Gyuto from Korin | Dream Out-of-Box Edge?

What’s up folks?! This, is Korin’s own, 240mm, royal-blue handled, mahogany wood chef knife, and if that sounds a little large for your preference, yes this comes in a 8.2 inch, 7 inch with a santoku profile, and a really fun-to-use AND crazy affordable, 5.9” petty

Korin Royal Blue Handle Mahogany Inox: https://korininc.pxf.io/QO4Zao
Korin 240mm Blue Handle Link: https://korininc.pxf.io/OR4VkW

Check out my unboxing of this and why Vincent from Korin suggests this knife:

00:00-00:53 Intro
00:53-03:42 This Knife on Paper
03:42- 05:16 My Experience
05:16- 06:30 Sharpening
06:30- 07:01 Petty
07:01- 09:07 Who is This Knife For
09:07- 09:39 Question of the Day
09:39- 10:15 Outro

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Phillip Ortman : Looks like a great knife for a very nice price. As far as handles go, the dyed color I would like to own most is blue or green, but dark colors. I do have a red handled knife from Takamura, but I didn't really get it because of the handle color.
Anastasia Jernigan : I have the 210! I love it as station knife. I can see it across the kitchen and I don’t mind if someone else picks it up, in the heat of service. It’s a great workhorse. I used to have Tojiro for service, but this is way better. It’s high visible, keeps an edge and great value
Fox Britten : I have a dark red handled bunka from Kei Kobayashi, it’s probably my favorite knife in my kit. It’s a powdered stainless that is an absolute razor, everyone that has tried it loves it. I don’t have a fav colors, I have all different color handles. I love the variety of colors, materials and styles much more then then matching stuff I love the eclectic look
Disgraced Wafer : I would really like a two-tone knife handle. It would be green or teal main color. But the second tone would have to come down to the wood grain. I'm not sure any wood of that description exists while being structurally solid, though.
Aayush Anirban : I like all the handles made by Josh of LetsHandleThis, But particularly I love the one he made with Green maple with blue translucent resin that even glows in the dark.
you could say that, that one is my dream Knife handle

Steam bending Sapele mahogany - Wooden boat restoration - Boat Refit - Travels With Geordie #104

This week I steam bend the cockpit coaming trim in the ongoing refit of the classic wooden motor cruiser MV Geordie.

Every week I'll also introduce a beer of the week, sharing some of my favorite, and not so favorite beers.

Travels With Geordie T shirts!
I've set up an online store where you can pick up the Travels With Geordie T shirt in all sizes, even toddlers!
Note: Prices are in Canadian dollars

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Travels With Geordie. A weekly video series about wooden boat restoration and liveaboard life for Peter Knowles and his dog, Geordie.

My day job is design and 3D visualization of custom homes.
If you're interested,...https://bit.ly/2AGi1wH

Some viewers may be interested in some previous videos about Land Rovers. They're at my previous channel, Riverport Rovers.

Here is the build series about my truck. A rather modified Series II Land Rover.

I rather silly build and road trip to the famous Land Rover Winter Romp in Maine.

A slightly less silly road trip to Cape Breton that does involve painting flames on a Land Rover.

The series that started it all. A crazy plan to build a Land Rover in one day from assorted bits lying around.

There's a few other videos that might be of interest at Riverport Rovers including the beginning of a Boler trailer refit.

Feel free to drop us a line at...

Mike S : Absolutely perfect steam job ! ! !   I'm a newbie to this channel and I'm really enjoying watching how you solve all the  projects. Another BIG THUMBS UP.  Thank you for sharing.
Craig Monteforte : Been a while since ive watched you series and I’m pretty impressed with your theory and contraption. For steambending the Mylar bag. Insulation was something myself and manu other boaters i know used to insulate most of our hatches and single pane windows for climate control of our cabins My guess is if you can steam Sapele long enough. You will get it to work I’m just not sure if your little kettle is up. To the challenge but like most od your videos Its always a adventure those that dought this aren’t Boaters and wouldn’t understand our determination and drive of keep trying you should pick yourself up some silicone barbecueing gloves to help you handle the parts faste and easier to get them into the forms asap killer job Peter On the success Cheers to you and Congratulations i had kind of guessed you were going to get something made for that corner the updated pics on the boat shows a ton of progress
James Harmon : Thanks Peter I really enjoy your videos. I love the old wooden boats and I’m glad you are saving one from the scrap yard.
Marcel Jeannin II : Great job Peter! I'm always impressed
Peter Kennedy : Love the channel. I had an old wooden boat that I lived on out of high school. And learned a lot working on it. It unfortunately came to watery end. But some of the most fun I had in my life. Keep up the great work.




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