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반도체 공정, Chemical delivery system에 적용 가능한 인스트루먼트 제품 (KR)

Parker의 PFA \u0026 PTFE 제품은 반도체 제조(Fab) 장비 연결을 포함하여 초 고순도 (UHP) 및 부식성 화학물질 취급 시스템에 사용 하도록 제작되었습니다. 초고순도(UHP) PFA 또는 PTFE로 제작되어 표면미립자, 총 유기탄소(TOC) 및 음이온 발생을 최소화 하여 청결공정이 중요한 작업에서 뛰어난 성능과 신뢰성 있는 결과를 보장합니다.

Тестируем кулер DeepCool AK400

Кулер DeepCool AK400 купить можно тут
Алексей Тимофеев : Поставил себе такой же на 12400, вообще бомба) Сделан вообще качественно, приятно брать в руки и крепление очень удобное) И работает тихо) За 2700 альтернатив нет)
6_G_1567 : Хороший кулёк, у меня такой же стоит)
Ильдар Хакимов : Куллер безусловно хороший, но его тесты заставляют желать лучшего
Марат Алжанов : Хороший
Арабский Печенька : Топ кулер, и автор тоже топчик

Does The Black Bay 58 Work With The TFIT Clasp? + Tudor Black Bay Pro Strap Show: How Does It Wear?

Check out my post about the Black Bay Pro on WatchCrunch!

The Tudor Black Bay Pro 79470 is finally here and so far its been incredible. One of the best things about the watch is the newly upgraded TFIT Clasp so naturally I tried to fit it to my Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue. If the TFIT clasp works with the BB58 Blue, it would elevate the watch to new levels as it would solve many problems at the same time. However, swapping the clasp out was not nearly as simple as I thought it would be and it became clear to me that Tudor designed the BB Pro to make such swaps as difficult as possible despite it pretty much sharing the exact same bracelet as the BB58.

So in this video I’m going to get into if the BB58 can work with the TFIT clasp and the preventative design measures Tudor took to make such a clasp change as difficult as possible. Also from the moment I wore the BB Pro I wondered about how it would wear on the many different straps I own considering the relatively thick profile of the watch. So I will get in to how the BB Pro looks on different types of straps (NATO, rubber, and leather), and more important how it wears on these straps and if they can handle the thickness of the BB Pro.

(some background) Watches And Wonders is back for 2022 and it has provided us with some great surprises from Tudor, Rolex, Grand Seiko, Oris, and many more brands from the Richemont Group and beyond. However, the release that caught my eye the most was the all new Tudor Black Bay Pro. Every year after the release of the 41mm Black Bay GMT, we've been hoping for a newer smaller GMT from Tudor, and given that this year is Tudor's 10th anniversary, we were thinking that surely 2022 is the year it'll happen. We were all expecting and hoping for a Black Bay 58 GMT, but instead we got the 39mm Black Bay Pro, which is heavily influenced by the Rolex Explorer II 1655 Freccione. This was not at all expected but I am excited about this release because it is right up my alley considering how much I love the original Rolex Explorer II.

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BB58 TFIT And BB Pro Strap Show - 00:00
Tudor’s TFIT Trickery - 01:20
Why It’s So Irritating - 04:26
BB Pro Strap Show And How Does It Wear On Straps? - 08:21


Case width: 39.1mm
Lug width: 20mm
Bracelet at clasp: 16mm
Bracelet taper: 4mm
Lug to lug: 47.7mm
Bezel width total: 39.5mm
Bezel width: 3.5mm
Dial width: 32.5mm
Case thickness: 14.6mm
Midcase thickness: 7.3mm
(Effective thickness: 6.5mm)
Bezel height: 2mm
Crown diameter: 7.5mm
Crown height: 3.8mm
Weight: with bracelet: 168 grams
Water resistance: 200m
Crystal: sapphire
Movement: MT5652
Power reserve: 70 hours


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The Watch Idiot : Join the discussion on my Black Bay Pro post on WatchCrunch!
Eldss : Thanks for the video. I was waiting for someone to do a video about this and even inquired w/ my AD when the BB Pro launched about using the adjustable clasp on the BB58 and they said that it wasn't possible and that Tudor wouldn't allow it. Now I see that they actually went as far as making subtle changes to prevent swapping clasps.
scollyutube : Great content as is definitely something a lot of BB58 owners wanted to know, me included.
The Pro is a strap monster with the black, steel and soft tone of the lume but I do think without the bracelet, the then visible case side between the lugs makes it look too tall proportionatley.
I personally don't like the overlapping lume pips too, it could have been done and avoided that, like the BB GMT is. If Tudor end up doing a BB58 GMT with a thinner movement, the Pro would become the BB Black sheep......
Marc Girard : Nice video!
I agree - I wish Tudor would spend development dollars on more important things. Here’s another idea for them - make the adjustable clasp available as a kit for a all the BB watches and charge people for it and make the new watches with it out of the box. Like, bring people into the tent rather than working so hard to keep the out
Walnuts and Beastiality : Even though I'm not a fan of the riveted bracelet, I love the Black Bay Pro

Lately I've been having a blast with "animating" these Tudors in the browsers: wanted to share one I made of this model, but all my comments were taken down, so I gave up




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