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Neff Brodie Sunglasses SKU : # 7996361

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Evan Werner : What he doesn't tell you is, that this is actually a 20 minute process.
BackHomeBack2GodHead : Struggling for an hour and a half with this changing of the lenses. My hands hurt and I was getting sooooo aggravated when I thought.....lubricant! I put a little chap stick on the side areas and it slipped in with ease ;)
Mitchell Urrea : He might be hulk damn its hard af
Yung boof man : Thank you for showing me. Just got them today and not wanting them tho break them the first day.
DJ-eEzy : I can't be forceful and gentle at the same time.

Neff Brodie Sunglasses- Jamie O’ Brien Unboxing

A review and unboxing of the Neff Brodie sunglasses Jamie O’ Brien limited edition.
Payton Faircloth : no way this guy just said he says stoked. i’m weak. my guy he says psyched
Loco Loc : What’s the width on these?
Logan D : He says psyched my guy
Magister Ludi T. von der Trave : I have seen them for $ 15 from China. Are those originals? I do not want to buy fakes ... thanks
Roger Callejo : The width is just over 5 Inches long then about 2 inches height

안경 덕후가 소장한 20만원대 부터 200만원 대 하이앤드 브랜드 안경

#브링블링 #크롬하츠안경 #젠틀몬스터안경 \r
브링블링에게 길게 하고싶은 이야기가 있으신분 :\r
팔로우 수 늘리려고 노력중인 에린 인스타그램 :
Young Jang : 두 분 케미 넘 .. 좋당ㅋㅋㅋㅋ오래된 구독자에요!! 늘 기분 좋아지는 영상 고마워용
YY Y : 안경은 관심사가 아닌데 스킵없이 보게 됨 ㅎㅎ
yunji : 살면서 1도 관심없던 안경이야기를 앉은자리에서 꿈쩍않고 다보게되네. 마성의 부부
선현 : 하금테 크롬하츠가 세련되면서 무게감있어보이십니다 형님
빈 : 와 가까이.보니 디테일 역시 시리즈 ONE 이최고죠~

안경쓰는 제가봐도 갖고싶은 디자인

가격은 무섭지만

한번쯤 큰마음먹고 이미지.변신하고싶은심정이네요~~

오늘영상 좋은 안경 디자인 잘봤어요~~




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