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Hp 564XL Ink Cartridge Refill Kit Step by Step How To Guide

Follow this easy step by step ink cartridge refill kit video for your HP 564XL ink cartridges. The same steps are taken when refilling the HP 920XL ink cartridges as well. Start saving money with ink refill kits.

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dap : One thing he didn't mention is that you should depress the plunger sloooooowly. If not, the ink can come back out through your fill hole. You have to allow for the sponge inside the cartridge to absorb the ink. If you have a cartridge that's been empty for a bit, it may be somewhat dried out and will take a little longer.
Bropiate : I just bought a set of cartridges from your site and stumbled upon this vid after finding your facebook page.

Would this process be similar with ink cartridges for a Canon MP600 printer?

I guess you would just need to find that sweet spot where you drill the hole and the rest would be the same?

edit: it uses PGI-5bk and CLI-8 cartridges

also when looking at the ink I noticed there is pigment black and just black and wonder if that is the difference between the PGI-5bk cartridge and the CLI-8bk which are both in my printer
cycler24 : I just want to ask that If ever I refill an ink cartridge via this method, will it show in the printer's system as well that the ink level is full?
Gabby Rosales : Will this damage the printer if we inject ink into the cartridges and put it back in??
Frank Wallis : Can you put black ink into the cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges to make a black-only printer?

How To Replace or Install HP 564 Ink

Follow these steps and you will be set!

What other videos would you like to see?
What is the difference between HP 564 and 564xl?
What HP printers use 564 ink?
Can I use 564xl instead of 564?
Can you still buy a printer that uses 564 ink cartridge?

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Isaac Osire : Thank you demonstrating how to replace ink cartages in the 564 HP Instructions read : Cartage jam The print cartage cannot move open the ink
I cannot see anything blocking the pathway of the ink to slide, to ck for ink replacement . Thank you for assisting us.

HP 564XL Ink Cartridges Installation

Watch how to prepare and install HP 564XL ink cartridges in your printer.





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