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Red Alert 2 - Grinder

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Corey Wilson : I swear, best menu screen theme ever.
Dracomet : America gangsta until Russia sends their flying sharks.
Brad Austin : I miss this kind of metal-themed music in games. F-Zero X, Red Alert 2... It's good stuff.
Z Rus : whoever decided to put Heavy Metal music as Menu Theme Song is fckin GENIUS

Yugoslavia_Operator : Everyone gangsta till air start speaking "Kirov reporting!"

A Beginner's Guide to Coffee Grinders

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efa666 : I just put the beans in a ziplock bag and smash them to bits with a heavy saucepan. Coffee so good it wakes up everyone in the house.
Gordon Laing : Another very useful video! I've been hand-grinding for several years now, four a day, so I'm happy to stick with human-power. So far I've been happy with my Porlex Mini, especially since they changed the way the handle mounts and no longer wears out in less than a year! But every time I see a video like this, I hear the Commandante calling! For Aeropress brewing, would I notice much improvement over my Porlex Mini? I'm this close to taking the plunge, if you'll forgive the pun!
Heather Schwartz : If I saw that last grinder in someone's kitchen my first thought would be "that's a cool telescope"
Andrew Macluskie : James just called using a blade grinder an act of violence
He's not wrong.
David Portass : James Hoffmann: Here's another 20+ minute video about something about coffee...
Me: You had me at James Hoffmann


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Grinder · Frank Klepacki

Command \u0026 Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Original Soundtrack)

℗ 2005 Electronic Arts Music

Released on: 2005-11-08

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