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RealestK - WFM (Official Music Video)

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Edited \u0026 put together by: RealestK

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RealestK : This song is officially out on all streaming platforms all the links are in this description i hope you all enjoy it, new music to come soon!

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KayyCee : whatever you do … please don’t stop making music. you’re such a good influence and you bring a positive vibe.
Losaliyah Alvsa : The voice of this man is surreal. Never get bored of listening to your music.
Tolani_emma : Temptations
It's knocking on your door
And you're waiting
On me, baby (on me, whoa)
Won't you hold me close
Baby, I'll go wherever you go
Even if it means that I'm on the road tonight
And I don't
Need all your company
Baby, you can't get enough of me
I wait for you you wait for me
Baby, take my hand
I promise we'll be fine
'Cause baby, I am yours
And baby, you are mine
But baby, trust me again
And baby, we'll be fine
And now she's walking
And I don't understand, baby, why can't you
Wait for me?
Wait for me?
Wait for me?
Wait for me?
It's knocking on your door
And you're waiting
On me

RealestK - Love Me (Official Audio)

Official audio for “Love Me” by RealestK

Listen \u0026 Download “Love Me” out now:

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#RealestK #LoveMe
Nhi : I was scared that the full version will disappoint me but now i’m fully regret, it’s so heavenly with your angelic voice
⸙ᴇᴛʜᴇʀᴇᴀʟ⁷⸙ : This song really hits hard when youre listening while thinking about someone you cant have
DHAISAM ALI : [Verse 1]
I Just Want To See You Smile
Just One More Time Before I Leave
I Just Want Your Love And Company
'Cause Any Time I'm On The Road
You Feeling Up, You're All Alone
You Tell Me What You Wanna Hear
I'm Tryna Tell You What I Know
'Cause I Just Wanna Be The Peace Of Your Mind
Anytime That I Walk By, But Baby

Baby, Why Can't You Love Me?
Hold Me So Close, Maybe We Can Be Lucky
I'm Calling Your Name
I'm Screaming It Out, Just Love Me
I Know That It's Hard For You To Love Me

[Verse 2]
Calling Your Name
I'm Screaming It Out
Tell Mе If You Can Figure It All Out
And I Don't Wanna Be That Guy, But
I Just Wanna Be Your Guy
I Just Wanna Bе Your Man
That Holds You Close And
Lets You Light Up In In Your Eyes
And Now I'm Sweating Up In Tears 'Cause
You And I Are Right Here, Babe
Tell Me What I Gotta Hear 'Cause
All That You Wanted
Gave You, I'm Running Now
Running Right Back To You

And Baby, Why Can't You Love Me?
Hold Me So Close, Maybe We Can Be Lucky
I'm Calling Your Name
I'm Screaming It Out, Just Love Me
I Know That It's Hard For You To Love Me

(La-La-La-La-La-La Love)
(La-La-La-La-La-La Love)
Love Me
And I'll Be So Close
Maybe We Can Be Lucky
Love Me
Oh! Oh! , Love Me
Oh! Oh! , Oh! Oh!
La-La-La Love
Love Me
Love Me
Love, Oh! -Oh!
Huyền Dương : Chờ mãi mới ra full cả bài, thật sự bài này rất hay, giai điệu nhẹ nhàng, tha thiết. Chúc bài hát thành công được mọi người đón nhận! <3
ִֶָ : Essa música é tão relaxante, que eu poderia escutar por uma hora

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