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Experience PRS 2021 | PRS Guitars

Live from the PRS factory - it's virtual Experience PRS 2021! We’re bringing you an inside look From the Factory Floor, artist clinics, live sessions with Paul Reed Smith, and more.

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0:00 - Event Pre-Roll
8:00 - Paul's "State of the Union" Welcome Message
17:02 - NEW "Roxy Pink" Silver Sky Reveal
22:05 - Jack Higginbotham \u0026 Jamie Mann: What is "Experience PRS"?
33:57 - FUNDRAISER supporting Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
39:28 - Buy a 2021 Virtual Experience PRS event T-shirt!
40:00 - From The Factory Floor: Maryland Made Electrics
40:55 - The Neck \u0026 Body Assembly w/ Max Elcik
49:18 - Staining a guitar w/ Mark Carroll
54:45 - Fret Level \u0026 Turnaround w/ Josh Davis
1:02:29 - Final Assembly w/ Karrie Pelchat
1:13:49 - Ben Eller Demos the new Archon 50
1:20:03 - Corey Coniglio Artist Clinic: "A Blues Rythmn Concept"
1:29:13 - Justin Derrico Artist Clinic: "Getting Two Timeless Tones With the HX 50"
1:41:38 - JAM BREAK 1: w/ Tyler Larson
1:44:39 - JAM BREAK 2: w/ Bryan and Aidan Ewald
1:47:06 - From The Factory Floor: SE Series \u0026 PRS Amplifiers
1:48:31 - SE Inspection Process w/ Doug Shive
1:57:38 - PRS Amplifiers w/ Doug Sewell
2:04:19 - Wes Hauch Demos the Archon 50
2:08:59 - Tenille Arts Artist Clinic: "Approaching Songwriting"
2:18:12 - Isaiah Sharkey Artist Clinic: "Playing Outside of the Box"
2:25:06 - Clint Lowery Artist Clinic: "Writing In Alternate Tunings"
2:34:23 - JAM BREAK 3: w/ Boscoe France
2:26:56 - JAM BREAK 4: w/ Mark Lettieri
2:24:48 - POLL RESULTS ARE IN! (please excuse the technical difficulties)
2:48:24 - Closing Statements w/ Paul, Jack, \u0026 Jamie

Thanks for watching! Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you want to see in our next live stream!

Curious about the music used in the "From the Factory Floor" segments?
Go check out 2021 PRS Pulse Artist: Honey and Blue
Song: "Picture Perfect (Live From The Pink Room)"
Ben Eller : Honored to be a part of this video! Thanks for having me and making nice things!
William Stephens : PRS has the benefit of the founder being alive while the other big brands are more of just corporate entities. He's improved guitars and quality of guitars in general by forcing the other companies to stay on their game and not get complacent and focused solely on profit. It's going to be sad when he passes. I hope who ever takes it over has the same passion and continues to strive to push the instrument forward. It would be a shame if it became like Apple after Steve Jobs died. Apple was really pushing technology forward with the computer and the ipod to ipad to iphone, etc. After he died they haven't really done anything to push computer tech forward .
Chris Evans : "Those purple boards sound much better than other colors." LOLOL yes.
Riverdeepnwide : Met Paul first back in early ‘84, fantastic talk about the old guitars we knew and what we had learned about them. His intriguing curiosity and constant study delving into the depths of making great things happen was stunning then and evidently still growing. Getting to work with him then even though for too short a time remains a cherished memory in life.
Thanks for everything Paul, love ya man and best wishes to all at PRS.
Esteban José Alvarado : 1:17:00 Love how Ben channels his inner Eric Johnson with that lick.

The Studio | PRS Guitars

The PRS Studio model is a modern take on a traditional single-single-hum guitar. With PRS’s proprietary Narrowfield pickups in the middle and bass positions and a 58/15 LT humbucking bridge pickup, the PRS Studio offers punchy single coils, vintage scooped tones, and the chunky kick of a bridge humbucker screaming in one instrument. This whole new scope of sounds (that are only possible with a three-pickup guitar) are easily accessible in the Studio model thanks to the push/pull tone control and 5-way blade switch. With seven combinations in all, the PRS Studio covers classic tones but maintains a unique voice making it a perfect “desert island” guitar.
R.J. Ronquillo : The narrowfields have my attention. This is definitely on my radar.
Blendi Smoqi : PLEASE do a SE version of this! I think that would be a top seller!
Hit that like button if you want PRS to do a SE version of this!
Worship Tutorials : Wow that sounds so good
Brett Smith-Daniels : Every guitarist since the 80’s:
“I wonder if somebody will combine a strat, SG and Les Paul”
Paul Reed Smith:
“Hold my beer”

Seriously though this is sick… love the grey top too
Tony Moore : This guy is such a clean player. Very precise and articulate, but never dry or formulaic. I respect him more and more with each demo.

That said, this guitar sounds amazing! Really interesting pickup combination.

PRS Guitars Ranges & Models Explained - A Complete PRS Guitars Comparison Guide

Dagan delves into the differences between all PRS Guitar models so you can find ut which PRS guitar is right for your sound and your budget.

0:00 Intro
0:59 Quick Range Overview
1:58 What Are The PRS SE Range?
3:11 PRS SE Standard Models, Specs \u0026 Overview
5:00 PRS SE Custom Models, Specs \u0026 Overview
8:42 PRS SE Startla Playing Demo
9:23 PRS SE 245 Custom Playing Demo
11:20 PRS S2 Guitars Models, Specs \u0026 Overview
13:42 PRS S2 Custom 24 Playing Demo
15:22 PRS S2 Studio Playing Demo
17:20 PRS Bolt-On Guitars Overview
17:54 PRS CE24 Specs
19:02 PRS Silver Sky Specs
20:35 PRS Core Custom 24 Playing Demo
21:10 PRS Core Lineup Models, Specs \u0026 Overview
24:43 PRS Custom 24 Playing \u0026 Final Thoughts
25:29 What is PRS Private Stock \u0026 Wood Library
26:14 Final Thoughts \u0026 Summary on PRS guitar models

Read more in our complete PRS comparison guide here:

Shop PRS Guitars over at PMT Online today:

In this video, Dagan explains all the differences between each guitar model. There are a lot of different PRS models out there, but which option is right for your sound? Which PRS guitar should you buy? Which is the best PRS guitar for the money? And what is the best PRS guitar available?

Find out all these answers and more in our PRS guitar models explained video.

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Alexie Astachenko : Yeah. As a single guy I've treated myself for Valentines day. SE Custom 24.
Carlos Salinas : “And I’m really trying my hardest not to buy it” really says it all! PRS is such a great guitar maker
Ernest Schultz : It pains me to say this but PRS has it all over Gibson.
CJXTYNGXYNGXYTZ : This guy is the Captain Jack Sparrow of the guitar world.
Paolo Villarubia : Got a PRS Standard SE for Christmas. Its an incredible upgrade from my previous guitars. He's not kidding when he says this guitar is versatile! And man the sustain is insaaane. Can't imagine the quality with the higher end PRS.




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